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July ’11: Live On Purpose or Die By Mistake*

Belief Systems, Brain Detox & Living On Purpose! 

As we continue on this hallelujah path of wellness, wealth & wisdom, let’s consider a part of the body that is readily overlooked in that department… The Brain!

Our Belief System is the foundation of our decision making process. Our Belief System gives birth to our thoughts and feelings. Our thoughts and feelings become reactions, habits and things. Things quietly include dysfunction and disease.

You may be pleasantly surprised to discover the magic that takes place in your life when you upgrade your ‘Belief Systems” and “Detoxify Your Brain”.  You may be pleasantly surprised to discover the magic that takes place in your life, when you get rid of self destructive thoughts in your head and “holding you back” behavior patterns that don’t serve you well. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that magnifying your thoughts, may ultimately lead you to making the life liberating right minded decision to “Live Your Life On Purpose!”

 What does it mean to “Live On Purpose”?

Living On Purpose is To Live In The Now as well as The Know!

Living On Purpose welcomes experiences of yesterday as life lessons, as opposed to something terrible or an accident that happened to you.

Living On Purpose stirs clarity of thought, to bravely move forward.

Living On Purpose means to Own Your Own Existence… to Decide/Define Who You Are, as opposed to someone else defining and deciding anything about you.

Living On Purpose is to share your life with others without losing yourself in the process, then, blaming everyone for your misery.

Living On Purpose means to condition your thought patterns and actions to be Pro-Active as opposed to being Re-Active.

Living On Purpose is the Only Alternative to Dying by Mistake!!!!!!!!

 How do you not “Die by Mistake”?

You Learn & Live the Difference between being ProActive & Re–Active!

When you are Re-Active … someone else sets the agenda for how your time, talent and energy is spent. They can even manipulate your self esteem. This happens when your movements and emotions are based on their movements and emotions.

Plus, when you make decisions based on what others think, you ultimately put your power in their hands.

When you are Pro-Active … your esteem remains in your possession. You may feel whatever emotion you feel in a situation, YET you take the time to assess then decide how and why it affects you. You remain true to what your needs are. You are able to communicate effectively without blame.

When you are Re-Active … you purchase any or every product and/or wear every fashion you see or hear about, that says it can make you more beautiful. You especially buy it because the music artist, supermodel or athlete in the advertisement looks exactly the way you wish you did look… or what you think he/she/they prefer you to look like.

 When you are Pro-Active … You take the time to get to know yourself better. You research, seek, purchase wholesome products and/or practices that naturally meet your unique needs, even if they are unpopular, meaning not everyone is doing it or using it”. Still you do it because it’s great for you!

 If for all your yesterdays, you have been operating your life in a way that desires greater wellness today, we have to start you at the place where old habits and belief systems have been thriving all this time….

Your First Computer …. Your Word Processor … Your Brain!

WAIT WAIT WAIT… Let me really get your attention.

Did You Know?

Did you know that the Most Significant Sexual Organ of Your Human Body is Your BRAIN!

So what does that suggest? May it possibly suggest that your thoughts and belief systems, how and what you think or know you feel is mostly powered by YOU and not powered by those you are in relationships with? Would it suggest that you may think, by habit, that someone else has the power to determine how you feel, physically or emotionally?

Brain Detox Check in…

Let’s practice Brain Detoxifying & Being ProActive.

When expressing yourself, know that effective mind/body/spirit communication is supported by the erasing of self destructive, accusatory statements, such as the one below.

You are always _______________!   You are not right when you do _____________!

YOU ARE ________________!!!! You make me _______________!!!

Practice Ownership of your feelings! From now on, in times of frustration, application of the below statement may help you maintain ownership of your power. Begin the practice of being pro-active, communicating effectively with

When ____________________ happens,  I feel ______________________.

I Understand that you feel _________ .

At the same time, when __________ happens I would appreciatae ____________________. How do you feel about my request. I certainly would appreciate a mutually gratifying agreement.

You are more likely to generate a helpful, forward response from someone, when you take ownership of how you feel instead of pointing blame. Yes, it could be their fault. It may even be an honest mistake.


We are in the process of easing unhealthy stress, healing those headaches, hardened veins and forehead wrinkles, by lightening our own loads of frustration.

By the way, Aloe Vera will help those worry, angry, wrinkle lines too!!!

My Answer  to what so many people ask me …

“Salaam, how do you personally practice and keep on Living On Purpose?”

  • I Wake Up
  • I Well Wish
  • I Water Me
  • I Wash Well
  • I Wallow in Wellness
  • I Wander with Wonder
  • I Watch My WORDS
  • I Write on my Heart with Wealth
  • I Practice the WORDS I Preach*
  • I Walk with Wit & Wisdom, so that
  • “I Can, with Gods Will,  Always WIN!

Most of all, I Remember to Remember that I am the ‘Vivacious Victor” of millions of sperm on a journey to one Goddess Egg …

and that Dear Hearts, is why I Am Here! …  “I Live to Be The Best  Me” …. Everything More… nothing less!

The Salaam School of Wellness Wealth & Wisdom Welcomes You to Enhance & Enlighten Your Life … Share Our Power Circle With Us … Tuesday Evenings 6-7:15pm $15 each Class … AUGUST Theme … 67 Minutes To A Better, Blessed & More Beautiful You! … A Tribute to Nelson Mandelas 67 Years of Service … Helping make the world a better place!

POWER WORDS OF THE MONTH: Living On Purpose is the Only Alternative to Dying by Mistake!

P.S. I Know I Love U*

Goddess Minister Salaam Jaha*

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  1. Hafeezah

    Thanks for your inspiring message today. It is right on time!


    August 1, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    • I’m not wtorhy to be in the same forum. ROTFL

      September 15, 2011 at 6:28 am

  2. Husband

    Magnificent words of Wisdom and Love as always. Thank you for sharing and shedding such simple and profound insights. Thank you for practicing what you teach and teaching what you practice.

    Love Eternally!

    August 2, 2011 at 12:50 am

    • It’s wnodefrul to have you on our side, haha!

      September 14, 2011 at 10:44 am

  3. Lisa JB

    Love this. Thanks!

    August 15, 2011 at 5:33 am

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