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Oct ’11: My 1st 30 Days on My Remarkable Road to 50

The Heart List*

Count Down… 7 whole days to my 49th Earthday! It started with a quiet, giggly review of my list …“All The Things I Ever Wanted To Accomplish, Have or Experience by the time I Make 50!”  It’s a good list. I won’t say a great list because I already have a great life. Okay, okay, it’s a Great Good list.  Ha!

For more than four months, I knew I was having an all out dance party on that special day. Yet, on the 7th day before September 27th, I realized a 49th bday bash was not actually on “The List”.

Hmmmm, what was on the list that would launch me into this new era, “My Road to 50”, with style? Something that I’ve always wanted yet never had the confidence to do. Excuses included everything from my tummy pouch to not wanting makeup. Truth was… I was afraid of not looking HOT! So what did I decide in place of that mere mortal predictable bday bash? “My long overdue Sensualexy Photo Shoot!”

It was a party I never imagined… just the 5 of us. Alzarah the Producer, Aminah the Videographer, Shannon the Photographer and Fatima the Makeup Artist… WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK IT? I was nervous and excited all at once. “Super Ready Me?” … a year ago I could not even imagine “Me” allowing four people to run my heart, let alone direct my life, for a whole 6-7 hours!

Nevertheless, I was determined to schmooze myself into an experience of “letting go and letting God”. Yes, yes I know I do this all day in service to others, as well as in fulfilling my daily life assignments. Still… my being vulnerable in front of the camera? Wwwwelllllll, even though I articulate lectures to hundreds, I have never completely ever felt photogenic or comfortable with all eyes on me. That my friend’s is why the photo shoot WAS on the list in the first place. Yesss. I confess. I HAD a discomfort with allowing the Fun me to undress.

Oh, you thought the list was just full of things that were shiny or fun? Did I mislead you darling? (lol) You must know by now, with me, there is usually almost definitely a life lesson in the mix! With the shoot, I knew I would have to put myself on blast, because “the camera does not lie”. I was determined to submit to my insecurity of being focused on and reverse such madness to having the courage to show more of who and what I truly am… Fun, Fierce, Free & Fabulous… without apology ©

Knowing I would use this shoot for my forthcoming campaign, the experience forced me to go deep into my buried feelings about society’s expectations and obsession with body image…. Size, shape, weight, complexion, hair, age…. Oooh People… I promise you… untamed curves and wavy nerves… I want to publicly thank and applaud my Team of 4, for the graceful professionalism they honored me with. After blasting that music, singing with the girls, with them patiently, lovingly treating me like I was a Delectable Doll … Baby… the Sensualexy Photo Shoot was ………….

Can you spell H-O-T-T-T-T-T!

Every girl should do it! Alright fellas, you can do it too. Yet, the emotional journey of being comfortable in your own skin, for women and girls… well, if you are not conscious, that emotional vampire somehow can find it’s way to infiltrate every atom of your existence. With this act of defiance, a photo shoot or a like act of vulnerability, surrounded by people who love and respect you as you are, this act brings self truths to the surface, adding a chapter in your book where the face of vulnerability can sweetly become Victorious!

This was how I set off my 1st 30 days on my road to 50 and the sweet just got sweeter! The only official appointment I made on the actual day was to engage in a enlightenment reading with my Spiritual Advisor. All week, I was blessed to receive beautiful cards, well wishes and earthday songs, from near and far. My brother and his wife blessed me with something that was on my list for at least 25 years AND they did not even know it! Yes Elvis, eat ya heart out baby! I finally got my first pair of blue suede boots!!

To top it off,  my mom sang her classic happy birthday song. At the end she asked, “how old are you now my beautiful daughter?” I thought jokingly of course. When I charmingly replied “49”, she gasped, coughed, lost her spit and with sheer disbelief, mom exclaimed “Whaaaat? When did that happen? How old is your little sister? Does your husband know?”

That my friends was the most ha, ha, ha, hilarious moment ever, letting me know for sure that this journey is going to be Alllllll Gooood!

Phew. So now I have 335 more days on this Remarkable Road to 50! Just enough time to learn guitar, barter with a vocal coach, start a band, get my pole dance on, launch a global motivational campaign, host an international retreat, secure at least one multi million dollar book deal, have my school become professionally accredited so to educate thousands more, become Spiritual Advisor to the Stars, officiate a gorgeous group wedding,  produce a LOVE concert to help heal (as some call them) the terminally ill and a dozen more BIG little things to propel Light & Wellness throughout Our Universe ****

I hope you have a “Good List” too!

If not, be inspired to write one now! How about you write one before your next 30 days. Whatever you ever wanted to do, to be or to feel, “The Moment Is Now”. Who guaranteed you tomorrow? Make your list and check it twice. Yes some things can be naughty and some things can surely be nice.

If you are really living Dear Hearts, go ahead and kick any and all worries of tomorrow to the curb! Embrace loving yourself as you are today!  For Heart sake, wear your fancy clothes to the cornerstore! Find “FUN” in the courage to fulfill your own dreams, regardless of those insecurities in your head.


Best case scenario …

You may actually discover that contrary to popular opinion, Your Life Can Be Truly, Vulnerably, AMAZING!!!!

Native New Yorker P. Salaam Jaha is Founder/CEO of SAI, Salaam Arts & Inspiration LLC, Principal of The Salaam School of Wellness Wealth & Wisdom, Proprietor of Eve’s Room Wellness Studio, Eve’s Elixirs and Eve’s Aromatherapy Organics, Founder Executive Director of GirlSpirit~WomenSong Inc, Co-Principal of Jaha International Wellness Ministry, National Holistic Health Practitioner, National Family Development Professional, Universal Life Interfaith Minister, Whole Life Guide, Wedding Officiate, Author Publisher of Pocket Books with Power Truths, Recipient of multiple Achievement Honors & Awards, 6th Child and 4th Daughter of her Savannah Georgia born parents , Mother of 2 Dynamic Daughters, Husband of one Devoted Husband, Grandma GiGi to Sonnet, Bam Bam & Chloe Flo, Lover of Life and Teacher/Mentor to Thousands of Deserving Humans*

Enjoy a Glimpse of her Joyful 5 Sensory Whole Life Success at www.SalaamArtsandInspiration.com

Her Life is Her Magical Motivating Message*

6 Responses

  1. Nirvana

    Omgosh!! So fabulous! Where are your feirce Photos!!!
    Peace and blessings to you:)

    October 28, 2011 at 7:03 pm

  2. Kefiwe

    There is no surprise that your photo shoot was FIERCE!!!!! You are so fierce, fine, fantastic & fabulous!!!! As stated, the camera doesn’t lie. Big hugz and kisses. Thank you for sharing, as usual, you have inspired me :-)

    October 30, 2011 at 4:35 pm

  3. Great! thanks for the share!

    November 7, 2011 at 5:20 am

  4. A. Alzarah Nailah

    WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! Fun, Fierce, Free & Fabulous… without apology; is EXACTLY who you are and what that day was like! First, thank you! Thank you for the opportunity to produce such an important moment in a day on your incredible life’s journey. Thank you for the un-abbreviated example of womanhood, beauty, poise, purpose and power! It was sooo much fun to work, watch and witness! Our team was the best and the AAAAAMAAAAZING photo’s are the result of your divine vision. World, you don’t want to miss this campaign. I’m submitting the word Sensualexy to officially be added to the Webster’s Dictionary, no definition, just your photo. Nuff said!

    November 7, 2011 at 7:35 pm

  5. Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

    November 13, 2011 at 10:07 pm

  6. Husband

    Loving the Evolution Darling! And those photos are Dangerous! Keep on bringing it Love!

    November 15, 2011 at 10:50 pm

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