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Nov “11: Moral Courage … The Miracle

Moral Courage

Why are so many people leading lives of quiet depression?

Do you?

How did we get here? ….

Yes… I said A Collective WE!

How did we get here….

this unnatural point of spiritual demise,

focused on social judgements, physical measurements and material possessions?

How did we allow ourselves to get here?

What’s the payoff?


The world will get better…

Beloved Human, Your World, My World, OUR WORLD is going to get better when WE get OUR Individual EGOS and OUR COLLECTIVE heads out of the sand, BACK into the Ray of the Sun and RISE to the Opulence of Mother Earth….

 of which we are Divinely designed.

Why are so many people leading lives of quiet depression?

Do You?

Are You?

So what are you going to do about it?

The Miracle is not that you are just waiting for something better to happen.

The Miracle is that,

with you all you have done to make it to this day,

You have still yet to discover,

that The Actual Miracle…


Think Different. THINK DIVINE!

Native New Yorker P. Salaam Jaha is Founder/CEO of SAI, Salaam Arts & Inspiration LLC, President of The Salaam School of Wellness Wealth & Wisdom, Proprietor of Eve’s Room Wellness Studio, Eve’s Elixirs and Eve’s Aromatherapy Organics, Founder Executive Director of GirlSpirit~WomenSong Inc, Co-Principal of Jaha International Wellness Ministry, National Holistic Health Practitioner, National Family Development Professional, Universal Life Interfaith Minister, Whole Life Spiritual Guide, Wedding Officiate, Author Publisher of Pocket Books with Power Truths, Recipient of a plethora of Achievement Honors & Awards, 6th Child and 4th Daughter of her Savannah Georgia born parents, Mother of 2 Dynamic Daughters, Husband of one Devoted Husband, Grandma GiGi to Sonnet, Bam Bam & Chloe Flo, Lover of Life, Teacher/Mentor to Thousands of Deserving Humans and most importantly, Happy Humble Honorable Servant to and of The Most High* 

Enjoy a Glimpse of her Blessed 5 Sensory Whole Life Success at  


Her Life is Her Magical Motivating Message*

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