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Jan 2012: Push Past The Pain & Into The Power


Happy New Year !!!! Healthy New You!!!

Now let’s get on with the business of “Legitimate Living” and cut right through the chase!

I know.

You were expecting me to gently slide you in to this all foreboding 2012 calendar .

Well fellow humans……. My assignment this moment is otherwise. First, you must realize by now that I am predictably, unpredictable. Secondly, far better than gentle, my intention is to point you face forward, spot on, straight into the bulls eye, of your Individual Greatness.  Why such intensity you ask?  Because, dear Hearts, in this University I call Life, your Individual Greatness is the pre-requisite for Our Collective Good and The Collective Greater Good is what our planet needs!

 2012 Celebrations all respected…Now is the time to PUSH.

We could discuss many details here, yet that time has passed. You have been blessed with a whole year of data and direction from Us, via our Monthly Motivational blog DrSalaam.com. You may even revisit such motivation in our archives, if you need a refresher course. For this January 2012, this here and now is for Progress … and to make Progress in this new “Era of Enlightenment”, NOW is the Time to PUSH… To PUSH Past the Pain and PUSH into The Power.


If you don’t know what your purpose is, if your are still in the process of discovering or “unveiling” who you truly are, because The Creator is not finished with any of us yet, consider this as a novel idea….

 One of the reasons “YOU ARE HERE”, on this planet, is To Discover “Your Purpose”!

There comes a time in your life when you realize that if you sit still or stand still, you will likely remain at that same point all of your life. Perhaps this time already came. Perhaps this “new year” is it. You realize or realized, from personal or external examples, that if you fall down and then stay down, life will probably pass you by.  

“If I sit here… just sit here, I will always wonder what would happen, if I got up… and walked over there… and sat there… just sat there… instead of here.”

Newsflash… in order to discover anything, you have to Stand Up, Stand Out and Explore!

Life circumstances may not always be what you want them to be.  Nevertheless, they will always be what you allow them to be.  It is not the circumstance that makes or breaks you. It is how you handle the circumstance, your response to the situation that may make or break you. What we want to do is to Remember to Remember to PUSH… To PUSH Past the Pain and PUSH into The Power! For once you step into your Power, Obstacles may become Opportunities.

 Take that “P” out of Pride and RIDE!!!!!!

Ride the wave of the one and only thing you need to get going. Only living people have it. It is with you while you sleep. It is with you each time you wake up every day.

Yes.  Breath.

Are you breathing life into your hopes and dreams or are you holding your breath, angry at the people, (including yourself), places, belief systems and things holding you back?

Come on Baby. The Time is NOW.  Join your Own Journey and stop watching, holding your breath, from the shadows.

PUSH Past the Pain and PUSH into The Power!

Enough about what happened and what you are going to do if only……

Yesterday has made you the survivor you are today. The past is merely a reflection of what you are capable of making it through…. A blueprint actually, of where your strengths anxiously await the wonder of your arrival.


YOU ARE ALIVE in one of the Most Significant Eras in Humankind!

Instead of worrying about or questioning the road your life has taken, celebrate the fact that “You Have A Path” at all!  Truth of the matter is, the journey is far more  growing than the destination. Walk your path with FEVERISH PASSION screaming “I AM HERE”. Faith Restoration is at hand. Review yesterday ONLY so you may revive today.  The Journey The Journey The Journey is A GIFT! It always brings you the Point … Powerfully Progressive “PRESENCE”. 

Launch this Enlightenment Era with your arsenal of brusises, then kiss them goodbye with your liberating lips. Set your table to devour the Divinely Driven You…. Savor Your Survival Sister! Butter Up Your Brilliance Brother! Be Confident and Courageous with what you bring to the table!

And if you don’t have any value for the meat of the sandwich, then you may as well “Just Eat Toast”!


Native New Yorker P. Salaam Jaha is Founder/CEO of SAI, Salaam Arts & Inspiration LLC, President of The Salaam School of Wellness Wealth & Wisdom, Proprietor of Eve’s Room Wellness Studio, Eve’s Elixirs and Eve’s Aromatherapy Organics, Founder Executive Director of GirlSpirit~WomenSong Inc, Co-Principal of Jaha International Wellness Ministry, National Holistic Health Practitioner, National Family Development Professional, Universal Life Interfaith Minister, Whole Life Spiritual Guide, Wedding Officiate, Author Publisher of Pocket Books with Power Truths, Recipient of a plethora of Achievement Honors & Awards, 6th Child and 4th Daughter of her Savannah Georgia born parents, Mother of 2 Dynamic Daughters, Husband of one Devoted Husband, Grandma GiGi to Sonnet, Bam Bam & Chloe Flo, Lover of Life, Teacher/Mentor to Thousands of Deserving Humans and most importantly, Happy Humble Honorable Servant to and of The Most High* 

Enjoy a Glimpse of her Blessed 5 Sensory Whole Life Success at  


Her Life is Her Magical Motivating Message*

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