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March ’12 … Yellow Cab Angel *J15

Life Lottery

“I Don’t Believe in Saving” he said. “Everyday is that day! What you make is for the moment. It’s not for yesterday or tomorrow. It’s not for worrying about how much to spend and save. The money I make is for whatever I want to do when I want to do it. I travel. I pay my bills. I drive my cab off and on. I have a business. I sell my business. I go study in another country. I learned import export in china. Now I am driving because I don’t have the money to start the import export business. Yet, I am going to Taiwan in April to celebrate the anniversary of my coming to this country from Pakistan. I will continue to live and learn more. Life is so good!  I don’t have stress like my father, who built a house for 17 years, a house that was more like a palace… then it burned down. In my country, we don’t have insurance. So, my father just starts again, saving to build another house … another thing to show off.

I am not like anyone in my family. Everyone in my family says work hard… Work hard to get what you want. But me, I am the first in all generations of my family, to own a business. Me I am happy all the time. They are not. They are always stressed. I believe in God and I will always do good. They are good too, but they don’t understand why I am not working like that, all stressed out working hard for things that mean nothing.  I live life everyday, not hard but happy!

What is your name?


Oh what a beautiful name!

Peace, right?

Salaam Means Peace.


Did you get your lottery ticket?


Thank you for your sister putting in your numbers and getting tickets for you, but PLEASE Salaam…

Get your own.

Salaam… Listen.

I want you to get your own.

You have to get your own ticket Salaam.

Always  “YOUR OWN”. No one should be doing that for you!

This is too big.

Please, when I drop you off…

Look we have 3 more hours… when I drop you off, please Salaam, please get your own ticket.

Thousands of people are on line. I saw on the news, so many people on line in the dessert, where there is only one lottery location, just to have a chance at one of the biggest  winnings of money ever!

It’s so crazy Salaam! The energy is high. This has everyone wishing, hoping and getting excited!  

Yes, I have my ticket and I want to win!


Oh wow, I will do so many good things for people who really need it.

Please. you have to get your own ticket too and feel it in your hands Salaam.


Because. Now… in this nice ride in my car, I meet you and we are talking great things like two wonderful people in the world. Imagine what could happen if we both, two God loving wonderful people WON?

You see.

I can see you are thinking Salaam.

I have my ticket, now thank God for your sister, but PLEASE Salaam… now that we talked, I know who you are. We are introduced at this time, at this moment today.

I know that good people meet to help each other.

I also now know that if I win, I will remember your address. I will come to your building and find you and share my winnings with you.

Because we are … We are both good!  Only good people will do good things with that money.

Please Salaam, get your own ticket.

Yes, that is my name.  

Salaam, I will never forget you or this moment.

Ahhh yes, that is a much better way of speaking it Salaam.

“We will always remember this moment.”

How wonderful are these ideas we are talking about!

*J15. Yes, yes that’s me.

What’s that?

Thank You Salaam.

You are right.

I will do great things for other people and still get my dream car.

Yes Salaam.

I promise.

You are so kind and your heart, it is so good.

You make me happy to be your driver on this night.

Of course Salaam.

I do want to win.

But now, I am most sure…

You Must Win Too!

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  1. Lisa Jones Brown

    loved the lessons here. thanks for sharing.

    April 18, 2012 at 4:20 pm

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