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July ’12 Ayurveda… Eat Your Medicine*


Ayurveda is the worlds oldest known medical science originating in India over 5,000 years ago. Ayus means “Span of Life” & Veda means “Knowledge”.  Ayurveda teaches that Humans and Plants have a Spiritual Relationship. It teaches that…

The Essence of Plants is The Human Being!

What is an Herb?

 Herb is generally a loose term, used to describe any plant that has health benefits to humans. When herbs are taken as food in Ayurvedic preventative practices, they are actually supplements to the main dish in the form of condiments, spices and beverages.

Herbs enhance the healing powers and nutients of the main dish. Herbs and spices enhance the bodys ability to absorb the foods nutrients. Herbs open up the whole person to benefit psychlogically, emotionally and spiritually, simply from eating food.

Spices and Herbs are concentrated forms of Natures Healing Intelligence.

Herbs help cleanse toxins from the body.

Herbs help transport the healing value of other components of the diet/meal to the cells, tissues and organs.

 Honor Your Temple

Respect Your Existence w/5 Sensory Wellness

Color, Aroma, Sound, Touch, Nourishment

According to Ayurveda, each meal should be a feast for all of your senses!

Every week, try at least a few new foods, in addition to the familiar, adding herbs in new ways, so that your taste  buds and digestion are constantly exposed to some new stimuli.

“When your plate refects an appealing variety of colors, textures, flavors and aromas, your digestive juices start freely flowing in anticipation. This digestion is vital for optimal functioning and wellness of the whole body temple.”

Your body, mind and heart are now fulfilled, simply by the eating experience. One again, reinforcing the belief system of “you are what you eat”.

To be in alignment with nature, is to be in alignment with Source.

To be in alignment with Source, is to be in alignment with Ones Authentic Self.

 To be in alignment with ones Authentic Self, is to be restored to Your Original Greatness!


Happily, Healthily & Herbally 

We Can Collectively Heal The World*

Native New Yorker P. Salaam Jaha is Founder/CEO of SAI, Salaam Arts & Inspiration LLC, President of The Salaam School of Wellness Wealth & Wisdom, Proprietor of Eve’s Room Wellness Studio, Eve’s Elixirs and Eve’s Aromatherapy Organics, Founder Executive Director of GirlSpirit~WomenSong Inc, Co-Principal of Jaha International Wellness Ministry, National Holistic Health Practitioner, National Family Development Professional, Universal Life Interfaith Minister, Whole Life Spiritual Guide, Wedding Officiate, Author Publisher of Pocket Books with Power Truths, Recipient of a plethora of Achievement Honors & Awards, 6th Child and 4th Daughter of her Savannah Georgia born parents, Mother of 2 Dynamic Daughters, Husband of one Devoted Husband, Grandma GiGi to Sonnet, Bam Bam & Chloe Flo, Lover of Life, Teacher/Mentor to Thousands of Deserving Humans and most importantly, Happy Humble Honorable Servant to and of The Most High* 

Enjoy a Glimpse of her Blessed 5 Sensory Whole Life Success at  


Her Life is Her Magical Motivating Message*

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