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Oct ’12: What is The Big Deal About December 21st?

What is the “Big Deal” about December 21st 2012?

In recent years, the year 2012, the alleged year of “The end of the Maya Calendar” has generated great interest. Many have translated this prediction, to be the end of times… the end of the world.

In regards to the Maya Philosophy, they would be correct. The beauty in this is that this time stamped event in humanity will be “The End of The World, As We Know It”, YET, The BEGINNING of a New Era of Enlightenment.

According to Maya Philosophy, this calendar cycle beckons us all to “Doorways of Restoration … Pathways of Renewal.” It presents to us all, an extraordinary opportunity, to be able to come together to build community… to live, like love is always fashionable and may never go out of style!

The Maya culture prophesied the coming of “A New Golden Age” that will shift in the Universe. This shift would usher us into a new amazing reality, resulting in an evolutionary leap in human consciousness, dignified by Love, Harmony, Compassion and deeper connection with and to, The Divine.

NEWS FLASH… 2 months and counting, interest in this rapidly approaching date, is feverishly becoming contagious!!!! December 21st 2012, has acquired significant attention, all across the globe!!!

The funny part about it is that this day, will look like a day, just like any other day. It is improbable that anything obvious, of major significance, will occur on this specific date, for the shift has been happening all along. No bells and whistles darling, unless, of course, you create some!

I pray you realize that this is a gift. I pray you know you are worth the investment some call change. No worries about whatever you think you did wrong yesterday. All you have to do now is choose what side you want to be on… the bright side or the dim.

WE are the World! The shift of the world is born from all of us. The shift in your world, is born from within YOU! The magic is, the truth of the matter is, YOU can design the day to be of whatsoever significance YOU CHOOSE! You want more love, create an energy around you world that is loving! You want more money, create an energy in your world of prosperity! You want greater health, create an atmosphere and lifestyle that is happier!

Know that for all the days in your life you were going to start anew, for all the moments in time you were ready to make a change, for every “darn, I wish I had the courage” flare-up, for all of those “Why are you doing this to me?” outbursts, … this moment in time, this Winter Solstice, this dawn of a New Golden Age, this instant when the Universe is completely aligned to magnify your majesty, this December 21st 2012, is the most perfect day, in our lifetime thus far, to lasso up your Power Circle!

Be Crystal Clear about who sits in the front row of your life. Then Baby… Just Do It!

Native New Yorker P. Salaam Jaha is Founder/CEO of SAI, Salaam Arts & Inspiration LLC, President of The Salaam School of Wellness Wealth & Wisdom, Proprietor of Eve’s Room Wellness Studio, Eve’s Elixirs and Eve’s Aromatherapy Organics, Founder Executive Director of GirlSpirit~WomenSong Inc, Co-Principal of Jaha International Wellness Ministry, National Holistic Health Practitioner, National Family Development Professional, Universal Life Interfaith Minister, Whole Life Spiritual Guide, Wedding Officiate, Author Publisher of Pocket Books with Power Truths, Recipient of a plethora of Achievement Honors & Awards, 6th Child and 4th Daughter of her Savannah Georgia born parents, Mother of 2 Dynamic Daughters, Wife of one Devoted Husband, Grandma GiGi to Sonnet, Bam Bam & Chloe Flo, Lover of Life, Teacher/Mentor to Thousands of Deserving Humans and most importantly, Happy Humble Honorable Servant to and of The Most High*
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