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I made up a word today.
The word is LACTION.
My meaning of this word is “TO LACK ACTION”.
I created this word today, because of how many…
So Many…
TOO MANY Humans complaining and or reigning in “less than deserving” lifestyles.

The divine permitted me to create this word today, as a diagnosis for those people, those otherwise bright beautiful brilliant humans, who keep conversing with me on the “WHYS”,
Taking only minimal steps, while my guidance continually and religiously shares,

“Darling, only the Maximum Will Do!”

This is not a word I woke up this morning willing to create, for my own personal word for today is MANIFEST!

I did surrender to create it, offering those who are desperately seeking a continued excuse for avoiding their intended individual greatness.
For My Spiritual Guides tell me, “as they inquire, their wish is my command”.

Inhale at your own risk.
Meditate on Truth and Acceptance, if you want to Detox from this temporary diagnosis.

P.S. I Love You Anyway, silly.

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