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July ’11: Live On Purpose or Die By Mistake*

Belief Systems, Brain Detox & Living On Purpose! 

As we continue on this hallelujah path of wellness, wealth & wisdom, let’s consider a part of the body that is readily overlooked in that department… The Brain!

Our Belief System is the foundation of our decision making process. Our Belief System gives birth to our thoughts and feelings. Our thoughts and feelings become reactions, habits and things. Things quietly include dysfunction and disease.

You may be pleasantly surprised to discover the magic that takes place in your life when you upgrade your ‘Belief Systems” and “Detoxify Your Brain”.  You may be pleasantly surprised to discover the magic that takes place in your life, when you get rid of self destructive thoughts in your head and “holding you back” behavior patterns that don’t serve you well. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that magnifying your thoughts, may ultimately lead you to making the life liberating right minded decision to “Live Your Life On Purpose!”

 What does it mean to “Live On Purpose”?

Living On Purpose is To Live In The Now as well as The Know!

Living On Purpose welcomes experiences of yesterday as life lessons, as opposed to something terrible or an accident that happened to you.

Living On Purpose stirs clarity of thought, to bravely move forward.

Living On Purpose means to Own Your Own Existence… to Decide/Define Who You Are, as opposed to someone else defining and deciding anything about you.

Living On Purpose is to share your life with others without losing yourself in the process, then, blaming everyone for your misery.

Living On Purpose means to condition your thought patterns and actions to be Pro-Active as opposed to being Re-Active.

Living On Purpose is the Only Alternative to Dying by Mistake!!!!!!!!

 How do you not “Die by Mistake”?

You Learn & Live the Difference between being ProActive & Re–Active!

When you are Re-Active … someone else sets the agenda for how your time, talent and energy is spent. They can even manipulate your self esteem. This happens when your movements and emotions are based on their movements and emotions.

Plus, when you make decisions based on what others think, you ultimately put your power in their hands.

When you are Pro-Active … your esteem remains in your possession. You may feel whatever emotion you feel in a situation, YET you take the time to assess then decide how and why it affects you. You remain true to what your needs are. You are able to communicate effectively without blame.

When you are Re-Active … you purchase any or every product and/or wear every fashion you see or hear about, that says it can make you more beautiful. You especially buy it because the music artist, supermodel or athlete in the advertisement looks exactly the way you wish you did look… or what you think he/she/they prefer you to look like.

 When you are Pro-Active … You take the time to get to know yourself better. You research, seek, purchase wholesome products and/or practices that naturally meet your unique needs, even if they are unpopular, meaning not everyone is doing it or using it”. Still you do it because it’s great for you!

 If for all your yesterdays, you have been operating your life in a way that desires greater wellness today, we have to start you at the place where old habits and belief systems have been thriving all this time….

Your First Computer …. Your Word Processor … Your Brain!

WAIT WAIT WAIT… Let me really get your attention.

Did You Know?

Did you know that the Most Significant Sexual Organ of Your Human Body is Your BRAIN!

So what does that suggest? May it possibly suggest that your thoughts and belief systems, how and what you think or know you feel is mostly powered by YOU and not powered by those you are in relationships with? Would it suggest that you may think, by habit, that someone else has the power to determine how you feel, physically or emotionally?

Brain Detox Check in…

Let’s practice Brain Detoxifying & Being ProActive.

When expressing yourself, know that effective mind/body/spirit communication is supported by the erasing of self destructive, accusatory statements, such as the one below.

You are always _______________!   You are not right when you do _____________!

YOU ARE ________________!!!! You make me _______________!!!

Practice Ownership of your feelings! From now on, in times of frustration, application of the below statement may help you maintain ownership of your power. Begin the practice of being pro-active, communicating effectively with

When ____________________ happens,  I feel ______________________.

I Understand that you feel _________ .

At the same time, when __________ happens I would appreciatae ____________________. How do you feel about my request. I certainly would appreciate a mutually gratifying agreement.

You are more likely to generate a helpful, forward response from someone, when you take ownership of how you feel instead of pointing blame. Yes, it could be their fault. It may even be an honest mistake.


We are in the process of easing unhealthy stress, healing those headaches, hardened veins and forehead wrinkles, by lightening our own loads of frustration.

By the way, Aloe Vera will help those worry, angry, wrinkle lines too!!!

My Answer  to what so many people ask me …

“Salaam, how do you personally practice and keep on Living On Purpose?”

  • I Wake Up
  • I Well Wish
  • I Water Me
  • I Wash Well
  • I Wallow in Wellness
  • I Wander with Wonder
  • I Watch My WORDS
  • I Write on my Heart with Wealth
  • I Practice the WORDS I Preach*
  • I Walk with Wit & Wisdom, so that
  • “I Can, with Gods Will,  Always WIN!

Most of all, I Remember to Remember that I am the ‘Vivacious Victor” of millions of sperm on a journey to one Goddess Egg …

and that Dear Hearts, is why I Am Here! …  “I Live to Be The Best  Me” …. Everything More… nothing less!

The Salaam School of Wellness Wealth & Wisdom Welcomes You to Enhance & Enlighten Your Life … Share Our Power Circle With Us … Tuesday Evenings 6-7:15pm $15 each Class … AUGUST Theme … 67 Minutes To A Better, Blessed & More Beautiful You! … A Tribute to Nelson Mandelas 67 Years of Service … Helping make the world a better place!

POWER WORDS OF THE MONTH: Living On Purpose is the Only Alternative to Dying by Mistake!

P.S. I Know I Love U*

Goddess Minister Salaam Jaha*

Jun ’11: Before You Judge Me, Try Hard To Love Me



“Before you Judge Me, Try hard to Love Me”


Since 1987 I have been designing and implementing arts based Life, Love & Leadership Programs for NYC schools. In 2009, I embarked on a 2 year hiatus, to begin writing a series of Best Sellers. In April 2011, I was contacted by a forward thinking school administrator to serve as workshop facilitator for students at a specialized school. Although my creative genius has been thought & knee deep in typing manuscripts, Spirit guided me to acceptance of the 7 week journey, knowing that another beautiful blessing was on the horizon.

Different?  That’s the one word question I walk away with this last day of school. What does that word really mean? For the students who could not speak audibly, for those who could not move anything but the eyes and mouths on their faces, for those who could not go to the bathroom on their own or feed themselves or even chew their food, for those who got frustrated at their stuttering, for those who whispered in my ear “I am not really a retard”, for those who painted some of the most beautiful prom decorations I have ever seen, for those who knew what they wanted to be when they grew up and stated it with confidence and pride, for those who just wished to be stress free, for those who knew automatically that Aromatherapy can heal your life, for those who who, who, who, who who only look like they are “Different” than you and me, for the day that instead of calling me Aunty Salaam, my fun loving, free spirited students renamed me TiTi Magic and I was honored by their appreciation and trust, I discovered that our Universal yet secret desire for Love & Acceptance, makes us all just exactly the Same*

I smiled into their eyes, for my 3rd Eye to see what their lips could not say. I opened up my heart to feel beats that in their dreams they’d tap with moveable toes. I listened to the sounds that emerged from their raised throats and acknowledged ‘YES” I hear your call. For those who wanted to get up and dance and could not, I CHEERED at the singing and dancing of the “abled” SUPERSTARS that represented for the Whole Team! Most of all, I was “bow down” grateful inspired that every word they could utter, was of sheer truth… more than I can say about many “not different” people I know, about the way they really and truly do feel.

Different may quite actually be the determination of true love. Because… because Different comes with strings attached that we can all see from the start. No time to puppeteer into false expressions… no time to fix your face into fake smiles… Just moments of truth… of “Human’s Being”.

Einstein inspires us to “Think Different”.

Beethoven inspires us to “Play Different”.

And the most influential artist in the world, the whole wide world, was a young Black Man who, “Thank You Dear God Almighty”, shared a talent that moved all the worlds nations to feel, collectively, simultaneously, at the depths of their hearts and souls…. Spreading a JOY, Sharing A Wealth, Living a Life that was “Authentically Magically Different”.

“I did not know that the world thought I was so weird. I just thought that I was Different. I was born with a gift… Still I never celebrated Christmas or had time to play.  That’s one reason why I love children. My young life was exchanged for hard work and success. Still, I would not change my life for anything in this world. I want to thank all those who have helped me to channel my talents on this planet.” Michael Jackson*


Ever wonder why the so called aliens and UFO’s we see in movies strikingly resemble tall sculptures, statues of African origin?


Song titles, tell a story too.


Have You Seen My Childhood?

All I Want To Say is that, They Don’t Really Care About Us.

I’m Talking ‘Bout the Man In The Mirror.

Remember The Time?

Blood on the Dance Floor!

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’?

Maybe Tomorrow.

Stranger In Moscow?

Earth Song?

We Are The World!

We Are Here To Change The World!!

Heal The World!!!!!!!!

Dirty Diana…

You Are Not Alone.

I Want You Back.

Will You Be There?

I’ll Be There.

Got To Be There!

I Wanna Be Where You Are.

Rockin’ Robin….

Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough.

I Wanna Rock With You!

Billie Jean?

The Girl Is Mine!

Beat It!!!!!

Off The Wall.

Smooth Criminal.


Keep It In The Closet.

Heartbreak Hotel.


She’s Out Of My Life.

Human Nature…..

The Way You Make Me Feel.

Pretty Young Thing.

Who’s Loving You?

Black or White…

Who Is It?

Have You Seen My Childhood?


I’m searching for the world that I come from
‘Cause I’ve been looking around
In the lost and found of my heart…
No one understands me
They view it as such strange eccentricities…
‘Cause I keep kidding around
Like a child, but pardon me…

People say I’m not okay
‘Cause I love such elementary things…
It’s been my fate to compensate,
for the Childhood
I’ve never known…

Have you seen my Childhood?
I’m searching for that wonder in my youth
Like pirates in adventurous dreams,
Of conquest and kings on the throne…

Before you judge me, try hard to love me,
Look within your heart then ask,
Have you seen my Childhood?”


I See You Michael.

P.S. I Love U … Always Have… Always Will*


May ’11: Blessings of Being A Woman

With Gratitude for Mother Earth…

The Beautiful Blessing of Being A Woman*

Thank You for my Picturesque Mountains…

Some call them Breasts & Hips.

I Revere My Peaks & Valleys…

Curved Back, Soft Dips, Low Lips.

I Blush at the long legged Coastline…

Red & White Oceans that stream ‘tween my thighs.

Our Souls, They Connect, Yes I See You…

In the Abyss of My Earth Goddess Eyes*

Being a Woman is INCREDIBLE! One may tell, from clear view of our bodies, we are both designed and destined to be “Phenomenal”! As I grow up gracefully, womanhood continues to be liberating and tantalizing. Turning obstacles into opportunities, pause into presence, pain into power and passions into profits, ooooooh, please allow me to savor in my Feminine Favor. I sway…

I Nourish My Life by taking Conscious Care of My Temple … My Body.

I Know that “I Am” what I Eat, Drink & Think.

Those who touch me, those who enter me, they are of healthy mind, body & spirit.


My Temple is Sacred.

It is the keeper of my Heart…

Of my lungs from which I Breathe.

It is the Keeper of my very Soul.

Happiness is my favorite Recipe.

I Balance Myself

by Feeding my Heart.

I Drink from the well of

Truth, Joy, Harmony & Peace.

I Am Full of Goodness.

I Taste and I Feel like Love*

This delectable, ticklish, pleasurable expression is my answer to my personal quest to share some sweetness of my life, with you! And yes. Yes lovelies, what you heard is true. You can do great service for the world and family, yet you can still do YOU! I Rock My Servitude to the global greater good and at the same time, “Everything I put on my body my husband can eat it!”

Now before any feminists decide I am taking it back to the stone age, be officially informed. You think right baby! I am taking it back, way back to the beginning of time, all the way back to Eve!

Foremost, I take care of myself because I honor my existence as a child of the Universe, as an extension of my ancestry and as a human replica of Mother Earth. I treasure my purpose… a spiritual being having a human experience. It took my whole lifetime to get to this place of true mind/body/soul wellness. Now, I preach what I practice! I celebrate life by honoring my temple, the sanctuary of my soul. I nourish my temple with the natural elements of Gods Grace. I satisfy my soul, mix beats with my heart and add springs to my step each time I anoint my body with kisses born of Mother Earth/Father Sky. Flowers, plants, oils, herbs, fruits, vegetables, water, trees, leaves, oxygen all anoint me head to toe, with the Universal essence of the purest, truest life force on earth… Unconditional Love.

As I entered my thirties, I was struck by the number of women who feared aging. Meanwhile, I was crazy busy, being happy to be alive! What flustered me most was how much time so many women spend complaining about almost everything and how little time, if any they spent on “gratitude” and “growing up gracefully”.

In my three decade career as a human service professional, what I discovered for sure is if the mother, the woman of the home is unhealthy or unhappy in any way, her state of being will unequivocally dictate a negative vibration in the household.

What about our daughters, husbands & sons? People do live what they learn. So, by design, won’t they be reflections of us? No more excuses ladies! I say we owe it to Eve, to Adam, to ourselves and to all the girls in the world who follow our lead. Truth be told, nothing, yet nothing on the planet may restore joy, harmony, peace and prosperity to the Kingdom of Mother Earth Father Sky, more than the healthy wealthy happiness of the Queen!

On this road to 50, I embrace the role women play in both faith and fear in our families. Our confidence and care of self is KEY! The planet is crying for nurturing. We are the earth. Let’s take greater care of ourselves together! It’s time to reclaim our natural healing power. It’s not that dude at the office darling. “Authentic You” are the one you have been waiting for!

Feed yourself with the best stuff on earth. Improve your language by speaking truth to power. Let your walk be strong, words be sincere, friends be true and actions be those of a leading lady! Your Individual Greatness Awaits You! Your Rise is Our Rise and Sister, if you meet me at Eve’s Room, I will scent-sationally greet you at the door!


P.S. I Love You*


Goddess Salaam Jaha is the Proprietor of Eve’s Room 5 Sensory Wellness Studio.


Soul Revealing Spiritual Healing.

 Your Ocean is Vast and

Your Sky has no Ceiling* 

Power Words of the Month;

There is no “Sorry in Sisterhood”… only Truth with Understanding*

April ’11: I Am!

Faith Yes! Fear Not.
The Courage to Become Who You Really Are.
I Am
I Am Peace
I Am Music
I Am Light
I Am Artistic and Graciously Wild
I Am a Twinkle in the Universe
I Am a Wave in the Ocean
I Am a Quiet Storm
Nothing Artificial … I Am All Natural
Honey brown, not a clown, holding it down, improving my town
I Am the recipe of Mommy and Daddies Love…
Of His love, of Her love
Of my Sisters and Brothers love
And of Your love too
Yesssss Dear Heart …
I Am a Reflection of You*
I Am Inspired, because you’ve touched me
With snapshots of your I Am Struggles
And text messages of your I Am Tears
So now …
I Am a Role Model…
Sweet like a Saturday afternoon kiss,
Humble like the Sunday morning prayer
Monday through Friday,
Feverish about My Life Purpose …
Global Love*
Like my great grandfathers Moses and Muhammad
Like my grandfather Mahatma Ghandi,
Like my fathers Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Honorable Percy Sutton
Like my brothers Amiri Baraka, Naim Akbar, Manuel Ruiz & Barack Obama
I Am a Blessing, without a disguise
I Am a girl grown up Woman Wise
I Am Truth
I Am Prosperity
I Am Integrity
And I Am Free
Free Enough for You to Be You and
Free Enough for Me to Be Me
Bold, Beautiful and Building Bridges to Freedom,
I Am, because Harriet Tubman Was!
An important piece of the puzzle
A hand up in the struggle
Birth mother of 2
And Earth mother of thousands
I Am the New World Order
360 degrees, 365 days, an Obedient Channel of Light
My Life is My Message.
I Am Better than Black
I Am Black Power!
Behold, Black is the Color of The Universe…
All of the Colors, Mixed Together
And just like Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean,
I Am Vivacious, I Am Voluptuous, I Am Victorious and I Am Voice
Yet …
I Am Vulnerable
I Am
I Am All of Us
And We
We Need Each Other*
Power Words of the Month;
I Exist. Therefore, I Am.
Soul Revealing Spiritual Healing*
Enjoy Life Liberating experiences at our Eve’s Room Wellness Studio and begin the journey of Mind, Body Soul Wellness*
Visit www.SalaamArtsandInspiration.com
P.S. I Love You*
Goddess Salaam Jaha

Mar ’11: Faithful for 30 Years*

30 Years of Faith. Yes!

March 1981. Seems like a long time back, yes? 30 years ago. My goodness, where were you and what were you doing then? Were you even born? If so, what have you been doing all this time? If not, look at how it’s changed, since then!

In March of 1981, the first class postage stamp was raised to 18 cents, bread was 53 cents a loaf, milk was 42 cents a quart, eggs were $1.26 a dozen, the average price of a car was $8,900 and gas was $ $1.35 a gallon. In the entertainment industry, The Top 10 Hit List included Kiss On My Lips by Hall & Oates, Jessies’s Girl by Rick Springfield, Rapture by Blondie and Endless Love by Diana Ross & Lionel Ritchie. Chariots of Fire won the Academy Award for Best Picture and Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn secured Academy Awards for Best Actor and Best Actress respectfully, for their compelling hearts in the “Life Love” story, On Golden Pond…. And they were seniors!!!

Having a flashback, some of you? Me too! Yet, some other thing happened that unique moment in time…. something that did not make today’s Wikipedia or yesterdays news… something that stands up and out for me, sending a warm breezy smile of faith and pride about my soul. Thirty years ago, March 28th 1981, my big brother, said “I Do”.

He fell in love with this girl, way back when we were in high school. He was four years older than me and she was in my grade. It’s not that she and I were friends. Once in a while, we just saw each other around school or in our neighborhood. By our senior year, I started to notice that he and she were in the same places at the same time…. uh… like our house! To this day, I don’t recall my brother in the presence of another girl… Not never, not ever since!

Last month, I called my brother to say, “Dude, do you realize that next month you will have been married for 30 long whole entire years??? That’s sooooo crazy!!!” Three daughters, one son (Ernest The 4th of course), three grandchildren, relocating south, a mountain of missionary work and 30 years later, my beautiful brother laughed heartwarmingly and said, “Man, I know. It’s amazing to me too. The kids are good and finally, all on their own. I’m waiting for her to come home now. It’s as good as yesterday and I feel great!”

This month I pay tribute to my brother Ernest Williams The 3rd and all the other men who have been faithful and unwavering in their commitment to the magic of matrimony, family, community and spiritual wellness. I love how he loves his whole family, all of us, well. I feel so very proud. Such is an accolade we don’t hear enough… how there are “faithful men” out there and how “good men” are not impossible to find.

Over the years, when my sister in law and I make time to catch up, somewhere in every single conversation over these years, in the middle of our “cutting up” about all of our children and whatever we deem hilarious at the time, she somehow always manages to say, “I am so grateful for your brother. I am so grateful for his being raised with five sisters. He gives me no problems. He’s so patient, because when so and so…  if it was me… ooooh! He is wonderful!” J

Although we laugh in those moments, the truth is, we know the absolute value of having a partner that is present.  Afterall… isn’t that what showing up in a relationship is… being a “present”.

For all the people in the world, women in particular, who have seemingly lost hope, stop and search your heart for a person you know or perhaps have heard or read about, who has lived the theme of love that clearly permeated throughout the music and movies in the early 60’s, 70’s, 80’s…. that sweet, kind, romantic, eye contact, soul caring, blue light, purple heart, zodiac sign, love. Be inspired, not envious or fearful that it may never be. Allow your picture of faith filled love to be your mantra…. Love Well and Live Deservingly.

Seriously, consider finding a place in time, within your own heart and soul that makes you smile… when the mood of your youth, family and/or community warmed you and faith was your friend. When I say faith, I mean, when you “knew” something was good or you knew what you had to do to get what you wanted for yourself, as opposed to frustratingly “hoping” for a brighter day or a better love. If we keep spending time and energy with impossible fantasies and daydreams about what another person is supposed to bring into our lives, loveless, lust filled music and faithless, fear based films and television shows, we will never be able to bring the spiritual love we want and deserve back in style!

The price of stamps, milk, bread, cars and gas will continue to change. Such is the nature of the game…. Change! So, if you want things to be different in your life, then sugar, you are going to have to do things differently!  How do you start? With “Faith”, my love… with knowing. My brother knew and he never looked back!

March 1981. Seems like a long time back, yes? My goodness, 30 whole years… Where were you then? Were you even born? If so, what were you doing then? No matter your age or circumstance, the important thing is that, you are “present” now. Let’s spread love together!  This year I celebrate 30 years of balancing business and being a mom! Yes, I was 9 months pregnant at my brothers wedding! One of my greatest contributions to the world, 30 years in full affect is my first born Khadijah! I celebrate her evolution, our evolution and her contribution to her younger sister Aminah’s evolution! 30 years and the Salaam ladies continue to be “Bountifully Blessed”! We give thanks*

Post a comment here, on this blog, that reads “This year I celebrate _________”, stating what you are proud about in these last 30 years. Then, make a list of 4 things you will do to redesign your life and stick it to your refrigerator or vision board, so that in 30 more years, you too may say, “Darn. It’s better than yesterday and I feel great!”

Power Words of the Month;
Affirmation; I Balance Myself by Feeding My Heart. True Love is My Favorite Recipe. I Taste and I Feel like Love*

P.S. You are all invited to my 30th Anniversary Party on Saturday April 2nd 6-8pm. This is a launch of my Aromatherapy Organic Line “Eve’s Room 9”, Celebrating 30 Years of Spiritual Success!! Details to follow on my website.

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P.S.S. I Still Love U*

Feb ’11: Insecurity is an Optical Illusion

Last month, I invited you to “Fly With Me” …. to “Fly with Us”, on this journey of Inspired Spirit, Enlightenment and Hope, as we explore the questions of the prophetic days upon us. I “Give Thanks” to all who took the time to join me at the DrSalaam launch party and/or view this monthly blog. Most of the feedback I received was of inspired action, with exclaimed motivation. Text message, email or site reply, I extend extra warm appreciation to those of you who commented. Your sentiments in fact adjoined hearts to like minds, who too relish being a part of a progressive collective.

A couple of folks did exclaim confusion with my mathematical abilities, wondering “how on earth did I calculate 24 instead of the actual 12 months to 2012?” (Giggle, Giggle) I honor my spiritual swag, being not offended by the obvious fact that they likely had not read the entire blog. In fact, that clarity made me smile, alerting me to make it a bit more plain. After all, each of us does grow and glow at our own pace J. So, check out the counter on the side bar people! “24 Months to 2012” is the “Count Down” from January 21st 2011 to December 21st 2012. I pray this coast is now crystal clear. For within these next 23 months, more to grapple is destined to come!

February 21st 2011.

In addition to this day marking 23 Months to 12/21/2012, it is also the anniversary of the assassination of El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, most commonly known as Malcolm X.  The year was 1965. A man of incomparable distinction was assassinated while poised to deliver a speech at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem New York City. At the time the shots rang out, this auspicious revolutionary had barely uttered a word. Ironically, it was the power and presence of his words that still captivate some to straddle, yet most to choose one of these daunting two sides… Faith or Fear. Nonetheless, his speeches, interviews and shared conversations perpetually define him as one of this nation’s greatest orators. Forty six years hence his death, his words are remarkably in alignment, with these prophetic days. I honor his juxtaposed journey from hustler to humanitarian, with some of his quotes to stimulate your belief systems, inspiring feverish pursuit of Your Power, Your Perseverance and Your Divinely intended Individual Greatness. Consider applying your magic wand to turn belief systems from dark into light and fear into fortune. Let Focus + Facts + Freedom = Faith be a Formula for your Future! As Brother Malcolm would say… “By Any Means Necessary”**

Malcolm on Focus …

“I feel like a man who has been asleep somewhat and under someone else’s control. I feel that what I’m thinking and saying now, is for myself.”

Malcolm On Communication and Reality … FACTS!

“First, I would like to point out that since it is my understanding that most of you are training to be leaders in the community, the country, and the world, some advice that I would give is that whenever you occupy a position of responsibility, never accept images that have been created for you by someone else. It is always better to form the habit of learning how to see things for yourself, listen to things for yourself, and think for yourself; then you are in a better position to judge for yourself”. …. “So I just take time to mention that because it is very dangerous for you and me to form the habit of believing completely everything about anyone or any situation when we only have the press as our source of information. It is always better, if you don’t want to be completely in the dark, to read about it. But don’t come to a conclusion until you have an opportunity to do some personal, firsthand investigation for yourself”. (quotes from a Malcolm X speech to the Domestic Peace Corps. December 12, 1964.)

Malcolm on Freedom …

“Dr. King wants the same thing I want… Freedom.”

“You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.”
“Prospects for Freedom speech, Jan. 7 1965

Malcolm On Faith …

“A new world order is in the making, and it is up to us to prepare ourselves that we may take our rightful place in it.”

– Malcolm X, Epistle to one of the Nation of Islam brethren

In my opinion, the concept of “A New World Order” may be taken in a few ways. It is possible that with all the nuclear war heads on the planet, the world could end while we are sleeping tomorrow, with no relevance to the date. It is also possible that the Mayan prophecy about December 21st 2012 may simply mean the ending of the world as we know it, yet not a catastrophic forever. Unless you enjoy being a sitting duck, it is too possible that you, that we, actually have a say so in how our lives turn out in all matters…. miniscule or magnificent.

One answer (gem) I embraced, while studying with Indigenous Healers (Curanderos) in New Mexico, is that both the emotional and physical energies and experiences of a person is commonly the catalyst to their actions and decisions.

Oh yes … what was my question? “Why do we become so torn apart at the appearance, suggestion or onset of obstacles, tragedy and turmoil, when such circumstances inevitably lead us to the ultimate treasure… becoming who we truly are?”


*With Gratitude to the Quote source: www.africawithin.com

Power Words of the Month;

Insecurity is an Optical Illusion*

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P.S. I Love U!

My Life is My Message*

Salaam Jaha

Jan ’11: Fly With Me!

The cradle of the ditch I fell into was dark and a little bit moist. I recall it feeling like being seated in the arm of a loved one. Silky and suddenly, a creature emerged from the far side of the ditch. The serpent like body slithered in mid air, yet mysteriously, the head did not move. Its eyes fixed on mine and mine on its. My fingers dug into the soil. When I felt the heat of the creatures being upon my face, my thoughts were of scary and the unknown. My very young life was experiencing it’s introduction to fear. Then, just when I felt something “not good” was about to happen to me, I heard a new, affirming voice. “Be Still”. Such is my first memory of this Life. Such is the foundation of My Faithful Obedience. Such was the beginning of My Daily Lifelong Conversations with God.

I believe it was between the ages of two and three. I remember wearing a sweet little dress and relishing in the joyful voices of reunion from my family, on both sides. When I found myself in the cradle of the ditch, I listened to those same voices swiftly shift from laughter to panic. Although the chaos above me was clear concern directed at my safety, I myself had tranquilly transferred into the trenches of what I now know to be, the Inevitable Spiritual Voyage of Faith over Fear.

Have you ever really sat down, I mean REALLY sat down, in the quiet of your own existence, in the ditches of your very own heart and soul, to explore the significance of the age old question “Why Am I Here?” If you have visited this question before or if you are asking yourself this question for the first time, either way, can you honestly tell me that your answer is a definitive, “I Am Here to Live in Fear”?

In my lifework, of more than 30 years and thousands served, I have never met a person of any age, education or status who was satisfied with living in fear, who was okay with being afraid. Everybody I have ever met, even if they had yet to realize it or even admit it, everyone wants to live in faith and rid themselves of fear. I believe everyone at the soul level desires to know who they really are, to have the strength and courage to be who they really are and to live successfully and joyously in that peace.  Regardless of the path one chooses to live, we all desire the attainment of our own Individual Greatness… our Human Excellence… to know and to live Our Purpose.

So… that being a Universal Truth, the answer to the question “Why Am I Here?” is a journey of self discovery, that I enthusiastically desire to embark on with YOU! This Blessed & Beautiful Blog “24 Months to 2012 and 21 Months to 50” is born from my crazy affair with Faith, Life & Love! Faith in the beauty of Living On Purpose, Gratitude for the very breath of Life and my profound Love for Being A Woman! And, for those of you who may think I am living in denial or a little bit on the wild side, you tell me.  Where is the power? Where is the power in fearing the worlds ending and fear of growing older?

Faith yes, fear not my friends! As we embrace the onset of predictions and prophecies that have many, if not most, of humanity shivering at the possibility of the world facing a catastrophic end on December 21st 2012, this 24 months is Divinely Designed and Guided to be a Sanctuary of Balance in this University I call Life! Simultaneously, for those of you who fear aging, stroll with me on this extra personal journey, as 2012 welcomes me to gracefully grow and glow into 50!

Words of Wisdom will be shared with you, on the 21st day of each month. As the Most High shares them with me, I will share Life Lessons with you, to find comfort in, to turn to for spiritual healing and insight, to apply everyday from one month into the next. Make it a friends and family affair! What I know for sure, is the family that prays together and plays together, usually stays together!

With all my heart, I invite you to fly with me. “Fly with Us”, on this Magical Journey of Inspired Wealth, Spiritual Health, Enlightenment, Love & Hope, as we embrace with Courage, Wisdom and Light, these Prophetic Days to come.


Now …

Stand in front of a mirror.

Clean it darling!

Ask Yourself and Answer, these 4 questions…

1)    What am I afraid of?

2)  What is it absolutely time for me to let go of?

3)  What WAS the payoff for my allowing it to hold me back?

4)  What will I do differently and better, from this day forward, so that I can get out of my own way and live the life I desire and deserve?

Now smile and repeat these enchanting words 4 times…


Faith Yes! Fear not!…

Congratulations Beloved* Your “Brighter Days” have just begun!

P.S. I Love U*

Salaam *

Wisdom Salaam Jaha

My Life is My Message*