"Soul Revealing Spiritual Healing" Your Ocean is Vast & Your Sky has no Ceiling.

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Experience Life Light Transformations and Let Authentic Power Be Your Guide.

Welcome Salaam to Be Your Self Enrichment Whole Life Coach via her Signature “Personal is Professional, 5 Sensory Wellness, Mental Immunity and Cellular Intellect” Systems*

Grow Yourself, Your Marriage, Your Family and/or Your Team!

Enjoy our Courses, Trainings, Retreats or our Eve’s Room Wellness Studio Detoxification into Purification Lifestyle Lift to Maximize Wellness, Wealth & Wisdom while You Minimize Ailments*

Light Up Your Life with Tools of Transformation and Holistic Health Counseling*

Professional Development Wellness*


“Let Us Help You Build Your Team!”

Allow Salaam Arts & Inspiration to Design & Deliver Lunchtime, Half Day, Full Day, Weekend or Full Week Seminars, Trainings or Restoration Retreats as an Innovative Whole Life nning Strategy for your Company, Family, Group or Team!

  • Educators Need Love Too!
  • Corporate Chi / Corporate Consciousness
  • From Umm to AMAZING!
  • Personal Enhancement = Professional Advancement
  • Healthy Habits for The Human Service Provider
  •  Restoration~Rejuvenation Retreats
  •  Sweet Success Saturday & Sunday Seminars
  • Wellness Parties

You Know the needs of Your Team. We’d Love to Hear The Details… Design then Deliver!

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Expert in The Art of Human Brilliance, Human Potential and Human Professionalism.


Restore Your Original Greatness with Mother Earth Father Sky Natural Healing Systems*

Eve’s Room…. A Place for Healing Your Whole Life**

Eve’s Room … The ER with Enriching Results! 

“Soul Revealing Spiritual Healing … Your Ocean is Vast … Your Sky has no Ceiling!”

Descriptions & Definitions*

All of the below modalities are offered to you fully clothed, with the exception of Reflexology, which bares your feet to your knees.

Chakra Clearing/Kundalini Love Lift 

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which translates as “Wheels or Discs of Energy”. The Kundalini (Shakti) is The Divine Spiritual Energy Frequency, that rests at the base of the spine. When the 7 Chakras are in Harmony~Aligned, The Kundalini Awakens. The Kundalini Energy that travels through the 7 Chakras of the Body is called Prana. Prana is the Vital Life Force Energy… the Foundation and Essence of All Life… The Vitality that permeates The Entire Universe, Your Entire Universe. The function of the Human Body is as a Transformer, receiving Power from The Universe. Prana connects the material world to the consciousness and the mind. Without Prana, there is no Light of Life! Chakra/Kundalini Love is a Best Choice For Enhancing Ones Overall Well Being Spiritually, Personally, Professionally, Romantically.


    is a spiritual healing system designed to activate Universal Life Force Energy, to return us to a state of balance.  It is a hands healing art. Rei means unlimited and universal.  Ki means vital life force energy, holy spirit and activated healing energy.

Theta Healing

    is a meditational process that creates physical, psychological and spiritual healing with focused prayer, through the Creator. A Theta state is a very deep state of relaxation; the state used in hypnosis. Theta means Soul.


    is an SAI Signature Experience… Salaams’ harmonious, creative genius combination of Reiki and Theta Healing. The best of both worlds and then some!


    is the art of healing the entire body via reflex points of the feet and hands, increasing total body energy, maximizing organ function and blood circulation. The feet are the foundation of the whole body. Feet are soaked in aroma~therapeutic footbath. Guest then lays on healing table, remaining fully clothed, wearing loose garments that allow full access to barefeet up to knees.

Rebounding is

    bouncing on a State of The Art Rebounder (health grade mini trampoline) awakening the lymphatic system, detoxifying/releasing toxins and stress to ignite circulation, stimulate and revitalize organs, speed weight loss, beautify & firm skin, hair and nails.

PLATICA / Talk Therapy is
A Most prescribed and significant modality, that Engages one in Tantalizing Talk where comments and/or revelations in that talk/expression leadsto the truth of what ones SOUL may be carrying. Ultimately, this conversaton that emplores the Art of Inquiry, stirs a purge of emotions and experiences which help propel ones Whole Life Wellness. This Healing Directional Dialogue ignites and welcomes Enlightened Clearing of what no longer serves you, Manifesting of what does, Soul Retrieval and an Enhanced Mind, Body, Spirit Alignment.


    is the Gift Art of seeing beyond the five sensory perceptions. It is often called the sixth sense or ESP.

Energy/Aura Consult

    (what some call a Reading), welcomes the tuning in to the guests frequencies, vibrations and belief systems via various tools which may include cards, stones, gems, crystals, etc. This consult is designed to help guide the Guest to a More Authentic Life Path.

Solar Plexus Chakra:

    In Eve’s Room, attention is gracefully given to all of the Chakras yet centering healing during ReiTheta to this one. The Solar Plexus is One of 7 healing energy channels in the body, the space between lower chest and navel, whose functions are Power, Potential, Prosperity, Will, Drive, Opinion, Ambition, Responsibility, Logic, Belief, Raw Intuition, Manifestation & Health of the digestive tract.


    is a quiet yet powerful transmittance of healing via Lights and/or Candles, Nature Essence Aromas, Energy Crystals & Stones.

*Eve’s Room Sessions are all Conscious & Clothed Whole Life Wellness Sessions that enhance ones comprehension of how to tune into the Authentic Power of their 5 senses, to re-ignite and re-place their diminishing Life Force Energies with Multi~Sensory Purpose Driven, Passion & Power.

“Designed and Delivered” to Remarkably Rejuvenate, Restore & ReInvent”, Eve’s Room Wellness Studio 5 Sensory Wellness Sessions may lead and help  one to …

  • Reduce Emotional Blockages

  • Clear Thoughts That Hold You Back From Your Intended Greatness

  • Enlighten Aura & Lift Energy

  • Redesign your Life, Learning to Heal Thyself

  • Life & Love Liberation

  • Career &  Entreprenurial Enhancement

  • Balancing Belief Systems

  • Martial & Pre-Marital Growth and Guidance

  • Family Unity Guidance

  • Powerful Public Speaking / Interpersonal Communications

  • Manifesting Abundance


$108 : 45 Minute Skype, Phone or Eves Room Session

$135 : 60 Minute Skype, Phone or Eves Room Session

$180 : 90 Minute Skype, Phone or Eves Room Session

$225 : 2.5 Hour Session includes one Follow up Email Assessment + 7 Days Later 30 Minute Call

$500 : 4G  is our Goodness Gratitude Graciousness & Growth 4 Session Personal Power Package incorporating 4/90 Minute Sessions ($600 Value and Savings of $100) to be utilized in 30 days

EMAIL Wisdom@DrSalaam.com Your Full Name(s) Address, Phone, DOB, Your Weller Self Intentions, Your 3 BEST Available Dates & Times as well as your City and Overall Current State of Being.

For further details on Study Courses or Seminars, Wellness Weddings, Group Sessions or Wellness Parties: visit Eves Room or Shop SAI at www.SalaamArtsandInspiration.com


  • As Per Divine Agreement*

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